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Vis Lenses


Optec has designed and implemented complex optical systems for applications that work with visible wavelength range (380-760nm) since it was founded in 1985.

Every VIS lenses, that are designed and mounted by Optec, are dedicated to special application, with specific requirements imposed by the customers and with quality standards higher than what the market can offer nowadays.

At the moment, Optec's catalog offer an high performance V-SWIR lenses with focal lenght from 16mm to 200mm.

The main characteristics that distinguish Optec from every other supplier are:

  • F/N: for application in which the illumination and the frame rate are an issue, the maximum aperture stop of the optical system is fundamental. Optec claims the ability to have designed lenses with F/N 0.5, the theoretical limit.
  • distortion: most of the imaging applications don't accept distorted images: both the TV distortion and the optical one are an issue. Optec lenses are well controlled and can often reach a very low distortion (<0.08%).
  • resolution: with the introduction of new generation sensors, with smaller pixels, the optical systems should often reach diffraction limited resolution.
  • vignetting: an underestimated parameter because it's easily correctable by electronics. Unfortunately, some applications don't allow this correction: for this reason, Optec lenses are designed with almost zero vignetting.
  • image format: Optec doesn't have limit. Optec has already designed optical systems with image format up to 64mm diagonal, but only because no one has requested larger format...
  • Let us know your request, we'll do the rest...