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V-Swir Lenses


The modern market increasingly requires optical systems capable of grabbing images that hold both the visible spectrum that the near-infrared at the same time, while maintaining high performance in both bands of use.
There are a range of applications that can be used with these optical systems, such as 860, 1064 and 1550nm laser line detection, active imaging, airborne payload, hand held goggles, imaging through fog, range finding, semiconductor inspection, solar cell inspection, telecommunications and thermography

Optec V-SWIR lenses are optimized to work in the band of use 400 - 1700nm.
Customers can select the version that bests suits their needs on Optec’s catalog.

At the moment, Optec's catalog offer an high performance V-SWIR lenses with focal lenght from 16mm to 200mm.

Optec’s V-SWIR lenses are available in different versions, with or without iris, with motorized focus and / or motorized iris and all the lineup is available with various camera mounts fitting every available camera on the market.
In fact, all the lenses can be used with cameras with Nikon mount, Canon FD, Canon EOS, M42 Screw, C-Mount and CS-Mounts and up to 20.5mm diagonal detectors.
In addition to these standard interfaces, Optec is able to provide custom bayonets mounts upon customer request.
Each customer can select the version that best suits his needs on Optec’s Catalog or inquire for a special customized version that will meet his requirements.

Every Optec V-SWIR lens is internally coated with a specifically designed for the V-SWIR range black coating, able to minimize stray light and ghost images that would create disturbances to the image.
In addition, lenses and anti-reflection coatings are specifically designed for the V-SWIR range in order to optimize the transmission and minimize optical aberrations.

Optec V-SWIR lenses are designed to ensure high performance and resistance in harsh environments. Custom solutions can be studied, upon customer request, to resist to high pressure/vacuum and structural or thermal loads.
In addition, special alloys could be used to optimize weight on payload weight sensitive applications.

Each lens can be customized or designed to meet customer specifications.

Optec V-SWIR lenses are tested and certified one by one.
A Certificate of Conformity (CoC) accompanies each lens.
On Optec website, on the proper page, the customer can download the certificate at any time by entering the Part Number and the Serial Number of the purchased lens.

On request, specific tests such as vibration, shock or heat can be performed.