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Optec is the Italian firm reference leader in optical, optoelectronic and optomechanic sector, in Europe and in the world.


Founded in 1985, Optec is the Italian firm reference leader in optical, optoelectronic and optomechanic sector, in Europe and in the world.

Our customized development for many of Industry sectors, represents for us the engine of our high standard solutions, and represents for our Customers the correct answer for each problem who tumble in Optec's action area.

Studies carried out inside Optec, are often presents in several technical publications; inside Collana di Ottica e Fotonica, a technical Italian publications which contains different and interesting articles, and which is going to receive the 8th volume (Winter School on Optoelectronics and Photonics), Optec has given a contribute with the 4th volume "Elements of Optical design", written by our professional engaging in private Industry and in research area.

Since its start up in 1985, Optec is more than a manufacturer. It is a service organization with a proven record of successful performance. Optec is always driven by its dedication to serving Customer needs and by its commitment to producing quality products with high performance, with particular reference to optical sector. Optec's standard and custom products are a result of experience in imaging applications. In the beginning, Optec provided only lenses, now they offer to complete integrated systems. By providing the complete system, Optec is able to optimize system performance rather than just individual component performance. Optec has a particular attention to research field, which has conduct us to collaborate with most of important Industry in Aerospace and Imaging sectors.


Optec has obtained the quality certificate ISO 9001:20015 by TÜV Italy certificationDownload pdf document

Optica Group - The first italian optical consortium

Optica Group was established in January 2011 by an agreement of cooperation signed between Optec Spa e Tecnottica Consonni Srl, two of the most important Italian companies operating in the world of optical and optoelectronic systems, with the intention of creating a big reference point for all entities and companies who wish to design and build advanced optical systems.

Optica Group is the first Italian optical consortium , created to follow at 360° all institutions and companies wishing to design and integrate any type of advanced optical system. Combining both the experts of Optec and Tecnottica, the customer who turn to Optica Group is sure to solve its optical, optoelectronics and optomechanical problems quickly. Thanks to the experienced team of people that works in both Optec and Tecnottica the customer has the opportunity to be followed in all the stages that make up the construction and the integration of an optical system, reducing the intermediaries, speeding up times and, above all, resources.

Optica Group team guarantees complete assistance during both the planning and the preparation of the projects and during the optical, mechanical and electronic construction of the same The services made available cover all areas that typically involve the construction of an optical system. Starting from the drawing up of technical specifications in direct contact with the customer, Optica Group deals with the overall optical, optoelectronic and optomechanical design and the definition of all surface coatings. Once the project is approved, our team will directly perform the production of all optical and mechanical elements and the first complete prototypes. Before the final assembly, all the optical elements that born under the sign of Optica Group are strictly controlled and monitored through advanced metrology systems. Optica Group also provides a final and rigorous inspection of all its finished products.

Purchasing general conditions


    All P.O. condition will be accepted and approval if reported on Optec official P.O. or if referred to a specific supplier agreement/offer
    Supplier must send the order confirmation within 10 days from the date of the P.O.
    If the supplier provides ordered material before the order confirmation, the Optec’s P.O. will intended as fully accepted under Optec’s condition


    All the technical information sent to the supplier for the specific contract or in general “simply sent for any explanation” will remain the property of Optec and can be used only for Optec projects/contracts
    All the technical information (under any form : in writing, by mail, by phone, etc..) must be considered strictly confidential and cannot be forwarded to other parties without Optec’s approval.


    Eventual tools or any material provided by Optec to the supplier, must be considered Optec property and supplier will be responsible for their handling and management during the entre period of the PO validity


    Supplier will perform the necessary actions and activity to guarantee the right production and process quality as specified by Optec and in general by a standard quality plan.
    Supplier will send, for every batch, the conformity document as a quality certification of the items provided. Supplier must be always in compliance with the Rohs rule : Optec’s products are parts/components/subsystem of electronic equipment.


    Delivery date must be in accordance to the Optec’s PO
    Any date change must be communicated to Optec for approval
    Where defined or under Optec request applied and Optec will have the right to cancel the order
    If supplier will ship a different quality (lower or higher), this must be authorized by Optec, specifying with the supplier how to manage that "Different Quality".
    Delivery after the 24th of each month, will ne financially managed 30 day later (if not agreed with Optec in advance).


    Delivery must be guaranteed to Optec facility (address specified in the applicable PO)
    Shipment cost will be negotiated in advance, agreed together and reported on the PO
    Responsibility on the delivered items, will be taken by Optec only when received


    Supplier cannot use the items/information of other for publicity or other without authorization of Optec


    Material receipt doesn’t mean “acceptance”
    Only after Optec’s incoming inspection the material will be considered "accepted"
    Acceptance will be done within 30 days after receipt (latest)
    Supplier will guarantee the delivered products for a minimum period of 12 months (24 months will be the goal)
    In case of disputies, Optec will provide the detailed report and clear evidence of the defect; supplier will reply on it and will work with Optec to solve the situation in short time
    For projected material, Optec will issue an RNC (non conformity report) and material will be shipped back at supplier’s change. The credit note for the correct amount.


    Prices are declared in the PO and are fixed for the entire PO validity.


    Payment, only after official Optec’s approval, will be performed as agreed in the PO
    Payment will be transferred the supplier’s bank account (bank information must be inserted in the supplier’s invoice or on the supplier order confirmation). Invoices due in August and December must be postponed on 10th of the month after.


    Optec will have a right to ask for quantity, quality, delivery changes and supplier with inform Optec about the impact on the current order.


    Supplier cannot supply the contract or part of, within authorization of Optec. For this reason, the supplier cannot change sub-supplier without informing Optec. Any way, the supplier will be the only responsible for the current PO


    Supplier cannot supply the Optec credit to a third party. In any case of request/needs, supplier will ask for Optec’s authorization


    All the information and documents received by Optec, cannot be for warded or communicated to a third parties without Optec’s authorization


    Supplier is responsible for the current PO and any violation of the previous articles. Optec can cancel the PO incase of :
    a)violation of the contract
    b)violation of the articles before mentioned
    c)in case of "uncompliance" to the PO
    d)in case of supplier will be not able to conclude/continue the PO


    Force majeure must be intended as “any event out of the supplier control”. Everything related to the company and his activity is considered as a supplier responsibility. Any way supplier must advise Optec within 5 days.


    The PO is covered by Italian law, in particular the reference place, in case of legal disputies, is the "Court of Novara"

Sales general conditions


    Offer validity are 30 days, if not otherwise indicated.
    All purchase order should indicate the item description, item part numbers and quantity ordered
    All purchase orders are irrevocable, if not otherwise and agreed
    All purchase orders must be approved by Optec who will provide the order acknowledgment if required
    Any penalties will be accepted by Optec


    Applicable prices are reported in the P.O. and approved by Optec
    Price changes can be requested by Optec providing the right date of those changes start


    Delivery means the date when the items ordered are ready, packed and available to the customer or shipper


    Delivery dates requested in the PO are representing the "Request" and Optec will take all the necessary actions to respect them. Delivery date changes can be request in case of delay.
    PO can be modified or cancelled in case of the following events :

    1. unpredictable simulation and in case of “force major”.
    2. Uncompleted, missed and wrong data reported in the PO and still not discovered
    3. Modification after PO receipt
    4. Crisis for row material procurement
    5. Payment condition not respected


    Invoices will be sent by e-mail or standard mail service.
    Invoices, in compliance with the order, are automatically approved by the customer and paid within the due date. Any modification on the invoice must be agreed by customer and Optec


    Shipments are always under customer responsibility and expenses if not otherwise specified and agreed
    All eventual remarks must be notified in writing to Optec within 8 days after material receipt
    If customer prefer a direct delivery, material will be maintained in the Optec’s stock area for a maximum period of 5 days, after a normal shipper will be used


    Payments must be done directly to Optec or, in case, to the Optec’s agent under Optec’s approval or under direct PO placed to the agents.
    All payment not in accordance on what is agreed, are considered not valid.
    In case of delayed payment, without any specific agreement, Optec can apply the legal interest issuing a specific invoice named "Penalty Invoice"


    Specs and drawings will correspond on the ordered items. Any uncompliance will be declared and both parties will update the reference documents.


    The warranty conditions are applicable on the items having the right and under final approval of Optec
    Material must be sent back to Optec following the procedure of "RMA" "Return Material Authorization" managed be Q.A. department.
    All material returned to Optec without RMA document, will be refused by Optec and returned back.
    In case of the returned items are clearly modified, dismounted or in general non in the integrity situation as provided, the warranty cannot be applied and noticed on the RMA document


    All the purchase orders and relative documents/agreement are submitted to the Italian law.


    The legal place of Optec is in Novara, Via Scavini 2/A and, in case of disputies, the place will be the Court of Novara


    Any derogations/waivers must be submitted in writing to Optec and approval/refuse will be sent back in writing by Optec within 15 days from the receiving date.

Warranty General Conditions


OPTEC SpA, via Mantegna 34 - Parabiago (MI) - Italy, guarantees to the brought back conditions of continuation, that the Products object of the supply are free from defects of the materials and the workings.

  1. Object

    In case on the Product are found defects of the materials or of fabrication and is respected the present Conditions Generates them of Guarantee, OPTEC is engaged to eliminate the defect at own expenses for what regards the Replacement parts and the labour.

    The Purchaser engages itself to declare if the defect has manifested during the use of the Product for the development or the sharpening of programs, for negligence, improper use, programming error or, however, for whichever various use from that normal use of production.
    The defects in guarantee will have to be signalled to OPTEC within 30 (thirty) days from their appearance, pain the forfeiture of the cover.

  2. Duration

    The guarantee is valid for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of indicated expiration of continuation. The right to take advantage of the guarantee must be exercised within the terms over mentioned.
    The eventual works made in guarantee do not extend the duration, that remains fixed in the terms described here.

  3. Expiration

    The exact date of beginning of the guarantee coincides with the date of Delivery of the Products, like evince from the date brought back on the relative DdT

  4. Times of answer

    During the period of guarantee and subsequently, the OPTEC service Technical Attendance guarantees time of answer agreed with the Purchaser for the programmed maintenance, calibration and repair of the system.
    The programmed maintenance and calibration operations can be reserved until 15 days previous the expiration indicated on the use and maintenance handbook. The repairs are guaranteed within 5gg from the call and normally they are carried out within 24 hours.

  5. Exclusions

    Are excluded from the guarantee the materials of consumption, the shipping costs of the replacement parts and expenses of travel and transfer of the technicians in case of participation near the site of the Purchaser.
    Also the repairs of the breakdowns are excluded if deriving from errors due to the use of the product, for the development or the sharpening of programs, for negligence, improper use, programming error or, however, for whichever various use different from that normal use of product..
    Moreover, the guarantee does not apply when one of the following cases takes place:

    1. The Product has not been submitted to the periodic check-up and the preventive maintenance.
    2. The Product has been used in different way from the use described in the instructions specific documents, as use handbook, programming and maintenance.
    3. The Product has been enlivened in different way from indicated how much on the installation handbook or, however, for the movimentazione, they have not been adopted the normal precautions previewed for an electronic system of measure.
    4. The Product is damaged for incident or negligence or during the transport
    5. The unit has been repaired from staff not pertaining to OPTEC or from thirty party, not authorize from OPTEC.
    6. The serial number of the part of the Product to repair is damaged, cancelled or in any way cannot be read.
    7. The Product has a mere aesthetic defect
    8. The Product has damages of the cabinet or parts of it.
    9. The breakdowns regard accessories not supplied from OPTEC or parts not included in OPTEC catalogue, even if used with the Product.
    10. There are damages caused from wrong connection and/or over-feeding
    11. The Product has been modified from non-authorized and for explicitly enrolled from OPTEC staff.
    12. The Product has been damaged because of a connection with other equipment not supplied from OPTEC.
    13. The wirings or the interconnections have not been installed / supplied from OPTEC.
    14. The correct procedure of turn on / off of the Product has not been fully observed, with consequent anomaly in the parameters of configuration.
    15. It has not been regularly carried out the preventive maintenance in the programmed periods.
    16. Natural circumstances of major events, included, but not limited to, strikes or other working difficulties, popular wars, putsches, etc. In the case of repairs made from OPTEC in presence of the above-mentioned causes of exclusion, all expenses and cost faced from OPTEC will be integrally charged to the Purchaser.
  6. Limitations

    The present General Conditions of Guarantee grant, as only right of the Purchaser, the repair of the Product and / or the substitution of the out of order or defective part with working parts.
    In no case OPTEC can be considered responsible for emergent damage - either direct or indirect, special (as an example loss of data) or consequent to the use of the product - and for missing gain – either missing gain for machine stop, or for delay in the repair or other.
    In no case, overall, OPTEC could be thought responsible for eventual derived damages, directly or indirectly, to things or persons as a consequence of missing observance of the emergency use and the warnings in the installation procedure, use and maintenance of the Product.
    The present General Conditions of Guarantee are stipulated exclusively in favour of the Purchaser and they are not given to third party, be they (as an example, but not limited to) sub-customers or end-users. The obligation of the guarantee of Products buyed from OPTEC only extends to the Products, options and distributed Replacement parts from OPTEC in Italy.

  7. Shipment of the part to repair and the Replacement

    The out of order or defective parts must be packed and sent from the Purchaser to OPTEC or the Optec distributor / agent, and in any case to thirds party authorized from OPTEC.
    The request for returning an out of order part must be authorized in advance from OPTEC through the allocation of a return number (RMA).
    All insurance and transport expenses are at charge of the Purchaser. All the risks inherent to the transport of the defective parts and to the Replacement parts are at exclusive charge of the Purchaser.
    To the part sent to OPTEC must be attached the assigned RMA number, with one written description of the defect; in the same document moreover it must be clearly indicated the model and the serial number of the Product or the Replacement part and the name and the address of the Purchaser.

  8. Guarantee on the Software

    The guarantee on the Software is disciplined in the Licence of software use attached to the Contract, when applicable.

  9. Remote Control

    OPTEC products can be equipped with an option called "Remote control" that allows to control the Product from one peripheral station, by means of the telephone line. In this way, from a fixed site, typically located near an OPTEC site, specialized technicians can take the control of the system (Service to you Remote Support), and help the Purchaser in the development of a test program or in order a diagnose of the Product.
    The described Remote Support service, is offered free of charge during the period of guarantee.

  10. Lacked withdrawal of the parts and / or the Products it repairs

    The missing withdrawal of the parts and / or of the Products it repaired by OPTEC, within 60 (sixty) days from the reception of the warning that the Replacement parts and / or Products have been repaired, will be considered from OPTEC as an expressed authorization to sell the Replacement parts and / or the Products repairs to thirds party, without any formality.
    After the sale, OPTEC will give back to the Purchaser the amount gained from the sale, deducted of all expenses and the expenditures faced from OPTEC in consequence of the lacked withdrawal the Replacement parts and / or of the repaired Products, including, but not limited to: repair costs; care and insurance costs, from the day they have been repaired until the day of the sale; search of a third party costs and of upgrade for the new purchasers; costs of the sale, taxes included; shipping charges; banking expenses; etc.

RMA PROCEDURE (Return Material Authorization)

Warranty on Optec SpA products is 12 months, as stated in the sale general conditions.

Optec SpA has the following Return Material Authorization procedure:

  1. Before returning any item, please ask for a RMA-number, visiting our web site www.optec.eu, section "Customers", or calling our QA department.

  2. Fill-in the form, clearly specifying the problems for each item and send this form together with the products.

  3. Important: the product should be labelled with the original label, which includes Part Number and Serial Number. If this information is missing, we cannot process the RMA.

  4. If the items have been tampered with or components are modified, warranty expires.

  5. Repairs under warranty are free of charge

  6. In the case items are returned out of warranty or have been damaged by the customer, failure investigation costs are charged at 50,00 Euro per item.

  7. Repairs out of warranty will be evaluated and an Offer will be provided.

  8. Items not in warranty, will be repaired only under regular PO based on the Offer.

  9. In the case missed PO, the items are shipped back 15 days after the proposed Offer.